Different types of bolt cutters

Different types of bolt cutters Bolt cutters come in many distinct types with a variety of heads which contain different blades designed to accomplish slightly different tasks. The shape of the blade determines the type of the bolt cutters most of the times but there are some other defining features like the hinges. Below are the different types of bolt cutters discussed in detail.
(i) Center cut bolt cuttersAs the name suggest, this type of cutters have the cutting blades at the center and are very popular. The four slanted faces of the blade edges bear down equally on the master lock shackle or whatever they are cutting, forcing their way through on two sides of the item making them very effective. They are appropriate for major tasks like cutting through thick pipes, cables and rods.
(ii) Clipper cut bolt cutter These are the best bolt cutters for master locks since the upper faces of the blade edges slant down almost to the flat sides of the jaws. The lower edges of the blade are bev…